Church Decor DIY

I mentioned a while ago that our church is a little, um, drab. Mint green carpet, maroon chairs… Not exactly the picture-perfect chapel I imagined. But it is our “home” church and we couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else.

In order to spruce the place up a little bit, I chose a couple DIY projects that I hope will soften the harsh colors without costing me an arm and a leg.

First up were my canisters. Inspired by this project on Frugal Ain’t Cheap, I wanted something to hold flowers that was basically going to blend in as it sat on the alter.

I asked some family and friends to collect their cardboard oatmeal cans, the smallest of which I glued together to make larger canisters.

(All photos personal.)

photo 4

Using a roll of jute from Hobby Lobby, I got to work.

photo 3

photo 1

Yes, this is as tedious as it looks. 

Eventually I had a canister that looked like this — no sign of the Quaker Oats Man!

photo 2

I did this a few more times to form a little army of jute-wrapped canisters.

photo 5

I didn’t get a chance to purchase any flowers to show you the full picture, but again, I’m thinking simple — a bouquet of baby’s breath, to be exact.  To give you an idea…

photo 5Beautiful!

The other major DIY project for the church is being lovingly handcrafted by Mama Plane. For my second shower, she gifted me a the materials and her time to create a handmade aisle runner, since the one I wanted was way out of my price range.


Inspiration runner from Love Burlap, Photo by Catherine Guidry Photography

One afternoon Mama Plane and I went fabric shopping and found some great canvas at JoAnn’s.


The ruffle was great too, but again, a little too pricey / Personal photo

We ordered a whole bolt of fabric (my aisle is about 50 feet long) and once that arrived, Mama Plane went to work. She’s been showing me her progress on our weekly FaceTime calls, and I think it’s coming along amazingly!

photo 10

Why do I always look awful on FaceTime? … Ooh, look, pretty runner! / Personal photo

Instead of buying a pre-made ruffle (what’s with the price of ruffles, ya’ll?), Mama Plane is making her own ruffle out of white fabric. This is one crafty woman I have in my corner.

Mama Plane and FMIL Plane are in charge of decorating the church the Friday before the wedding, and I think it’s going to be fabulous, green carpet and all. I am really excited to see these little projects come to life, and even more so to see them in action on our wedding day.

Did you do any DIY ceremony decorations?


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