First One In, Last One Out

I recently completed one of the very first projects I started way back when we first got engaged almost 18 months ago (whoa.) — our guest book cards!

If you’ll remember, we are doing a wine bottle guest book for signatures, but even with three incredibly large bottles of wine, there still won’t really be enough room for the well-wishes I can’t wait to read from our guests.

Enter: guest book cards.

I fell early for The Guestbook Store’s Casual Wedding Guestbook pages, which look like this:


Image and Design via The Guestbook Store

The first time I saw these guest book cards, I thought, “Hey, I can design that,” and immediately took to publisher to create a similar card with my own little twist. Here’s how they turned out:



Personal images

Once they were good and designed, I forgot about them for 17 months. I finally got around to dusting them off and sent them to Mama Plane to have them printed at her shop.

As the title of this post suggests, not only was this one of the first projects I embarked on, but it was also the last to be finished — with just a few days left before the wedding, I finished cutting these bad boys (by hand!), and I’m very happy with the way they came out!

You may remember similar guest book cards from Mrs. Unicycle and Mrs. Doily — two women with impeccable taste, if I do say so myself. I do hope, however, to learn from Mrs. Unicycle’s horses guests’ mistake — instead of trying to lead them to the guestbook, these cards will be slipped into a folded napkin at each place setting (along with a menu card and a colored pencil). My hope is that more cards will be completed if they are literally right in front of guests’ faces. I guess we will see in a few days!

What kind of guest book are you planning for your wedding? Married bees, did you have issues getting your guests to sign your guest book?

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