Better with a Beard?

With the wedding day quickly approaching, Mr. Plane and I have been giving a lot of though to our appearances. I would not say we are vain people, but we will have these photographs for the rest of our lives, so it should be no surprise that we want to look our best.

In addition to some crazy crash-dieting, tanning, teeth whitening, and weighing the pros and cons of wedding day Spanx, the Airplanes are also very carefully considering the presence of facial hair at our wedding. And no, not on the bride.

Last year, Mr. Plane went on his annual deer hunting trip and came back with quite a bit of scruff on his normally clean-shaven face. For no reason other than to see what would happen, he decided not to shave for a few days after that. Days turned into weeks, which turned into months, and now I can barely remember that baby-faced boy I met in college. Luckily, that’s what photos are for.

Here is Mr. Plane in one of our engagement photos, sans beard:


Photo by our awesome photographer Meghan at studiOsnap

And rockin’ the clean shave on Memorial Day, 2011:


Personal photo

Now for a couple with the beard, both taken this summer.

The Airplanes at a friend’s wedding in June:


Personal photo

And Mr. Plane on a fishing trip for his bachelor party in July (please excuse the fish head):


Personal photo

It was only within the last week that Mr. Plane started to question whether or not he would be wearing his beard for the wedding. Actually, I was kind of shocked he was even considering not having a beard for the wedding — at this point, it has existed through the better part of our engagement. It would almost feel wrong not to include it in the wedding as well!

Am I personifying the beard too much?

I am also fully aware that Mr. Plane might not even qualify to call his facial hair a beard by certain standards — maybe you feel more comfortable with the term “chin strap,” although that one has never sat well with me. It is definitely not on par with some epic beards of our generation, specifically the folks of Duck Dynasty fame…

65432_10151320269422704_1882310604_nOh wait, that’s the Airplanes as Duck Dynasty for Halloween last year! / Personal photo

Regardless of what you call it, I like a little scruff on my man, and I do hope he keeps it for the wedding day. But I told him that I want him to feel his best, whatever he decides that looks like. And if he shows up in that Halloween beard… so be it! You (and I!) will  both just have to wait until the wedding day to see what he chooses.

Does your man have an epic (or not so epic) beard? Did he consider shaving before the wedding?


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