Airplanes in Aruba, Part 1

The Airplanes decided early on that, if I (Mrs. Airplane) was planning the wedding, then he (Mr. Airplane) could take charge of managing the honeymoon. And let me tell you, Mr. Plane did a fantastic job. My only requests when it came to honeymooning was that the active days be interspersed with relaxing days — he’s more active, I’m more, “Let’s take a nap on the beach.” Oh yeah, “beach” was a must-have for me as well.

Choosing Aruba came down to finding a place where we could both relax and be adventurous, somewhere free of extreme weather (Aruba is outside of the hurricane belt), with great dining and lodging options. English speaking and US currency acceptance were also taken into account, as was travel time to arrive at the final destination.

Once he determined Aruba was the place for us, Mr. Plane spent quite a bit of time reading reviews Trip Advisor and posting questions on the forums. Because of his diligence, I sincerely believe we saw the best of what the island had to offer during our seven-day stay.

Travelling to Aruba was fairly unremarkable. We saw quite a few honeymooning couples in the airport, and it was fun to swap stories and guest photos with other newlyweds. From Detroit, we made a quick stop in Atlanta before flying on to the island. On the second leg of our journey, the flight attendants played a little scavenger hunt game, which the Airplanes (along with the third person in our row) won with flying colors!

All photos personal

photo 51

Hey look, Airplanes on an airplane! That bag contained a bunch of snacks, and we each won an alcoholic beverage as well.  

Arrival into the Aruba airport was very easy. We waited in a short line to turn in our customs form, made quick stops at baggage claim and the duty free store, and found our cab driver, Bully. Bully was a Trip Advisor find that we booked a few weeks before departure, and he was even nice enough to make a quick stop at the grocery store so we could pick up a few essentials before checking into our resort.

photo 13

I was so incredibly happy to be on our honeymoon!

One of the most memorable moments of our trip was our arrival at Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts. The bellman, JP, brought us up to our room and, before opening the door, made me close my eyes. He then had Mr. Plane lead me through the suite, eyes closed, and out onto the balcony. When I opened my eyes, this is what I saw:


Just like the webcam only so much better!

We decided to go all-out on this trip and booked the penthouse suite at Bucuti, which included a private palapa (hut) on the beach. We also had a sunset dinner in the palapa one of the nights we stayed there. But mostly it was used for reading and napping.


In addition to the relaxing, we also went to some incredible restaurants. Because of all of the amazing dining options on Aruba, there are not many all-inclusive resorts, but it is one of the reasons Mr. Plane was drawn to the island in the first place.


While much of the honeymoon was all about the food and the relaxation, we also did a few adventurous things as well, which I’ll share with you next time!

Did you splurge on your honeymoon?


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