Airplanes in Aruba, Part 3

Probably the best thing we did on our honeymoon was a big secret until now.

I didn’t share our plans with the hive beforehand, but I decided that while we were on our honeymoon, I wanted to do a trash the dress shoot!

(Well, maybe it wasn’t a true “trash the dress” as my dress is far from trashed. Insert “rock the frock” here, if you prefer.)

At the recommendation of the wedding coordinator at our resort, I emailed a few photographers prior to our trip and ultimately decided on Victor Winklaar from Winklaar Photography to photograph our session. He was the perfect choice, offered the best customer service prior to and after the shoot, and I think his photographs speak for themselves. If you are planning a wedding or honeymoon (or just a vacation!) to Aruba and are looking for someone to capture those memories, please consider Winklaar Photography! I cannot say enough good things about this company!

Ok, enough yapping, let’s get to the photos!

All photography courtesy of Winklaar Photography unless otherwise noted
















Hive, I’m kind-a-sort-a-really-super obsessed with these photos. I never thought I would be the kind of girl to trash her dress, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “Why not?”

After the shoot I stripped off my dress (I was wearing a bathing suit underneath) and we rinsed her in fresh water before hanging her on the balcony to dry.


Personal photo

I will admit there was quite a bit of sand that collected in the seam of the main skirt of the dress, but a pocket knife and a few snipped stitches remedied that situation. I honestly think my dress was cleaner after her saltwater bath than before — wedding receptions are dirty, yo!

Once we got her home, she was shipped off to the dry cleaner to be properly laundered, no worse for the wear — and definitely not “trashed.”

While trash the dress sessions are not for everyone (or every dress!), I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and am thrilled with how the photographs turned out.

Are you considering a trash the dress session? (I highly recommend it!)


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