Bags for the Bridesmaids

I’m still waiting on my pictures before I start my recaps (le sigh), but I did want to take this time to share a DIY project that I was keeping a secret until the wedding: the gift bags I made for the ladies in our bridal party.

(All photos personal.)


I started with some plain canvas bags from Michael’s and some Martha Stewart multi-surface craft paint. Our wedding colors, if you remember, were yellow and grey, so I stuck with that theme for these bags as well.

photo 3

Using stencils I printed and cut out of computer paper, I did some initialing outlines with the grey paint at the bottom of each bag.

photo 1

Next, I created a chevron stencil using cardboard from a cereal box. I used double-sided tape to keep it in place once I got it placed correctly.

photo 2

Using the yellow paint, I painted over the stencil to create the chevron design.

 I’ve always kind of loved chevron, so I’m glad it was popular around the time of our wedding. Although I didn’t use it anywhere else, I thought the bridesmaids’ bags were the perfect place for this little bit of design flare.

photo 4

Turning them upside down and propping them up and open with some bottles, I allowed them to dry before attacking the bottoms with the grey paint again. For this part, I also watered down the paint a bit so it wasn’t as thick — this allowed for the canvas to soak in more of the color and not be as stiff as the front of the bag.


For a finishing touch, I attached some clip-on flower accents that I also picked up at Michael’s. Then they were ready to fill with goodies!

photo 5

This project (like this post!) was quick, easy, and straight to the point, but I think added a little something extra special to the bridesmaid gifts. These little totes are the perfect size to use as a lunch bag or for toiletries on a weekend getaway!

Did you make any DIY gifts for your bridal party?


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