Love is in the Air: The Days Leading Up to The Day

My last day of work before the wedding was on a Wednesday. Even though I would be taking a full two weeks off of work, it was a very low-stress and exciting day. My co-workers threw me a little breakfast send-off and my bosses took Mr. Plane and me to lunch.

Thursday was spent with Mr. Plane running some last minute errands, like picking up our marriage certificate and dropping a few boxes of wedding decor off at our venue.


Our car, packed to the gills with wedding gear.

When we arrived at the venue, just two days before the wedding, I was pretty distraught to see this less-than-ideal scene directly outside the main entrance:


Construction orange? Not one of the wedding colors.

Apparently a too-tall truck had rammed into the overhang and it necessitated scaffolding to hold it up so it wouldn’t fall. Hive, I won’t lie to you — I had a little bit of a breakdown. Luckily Mr. Plane was there to rationally explain that there was nothing I could do about it and that I shouldn’t let it ruin my weekend. I did my best to listen to him, however I was still a little irked that the venue hadn’t bothered to let me know ahead of time. Oh well.

By Friday morning, I was officially on cloud nine. Mr. Plane left early to go golfing, and I had some time to myself to take care of  my own errands — dropping Lil Wingman off at the doggie hotel, stopping by the bank, picking up my dress — before meeting my bridesmaids and some female family members at the nail salon.


BM Rocket gets the royal toe treatment


Mama Plane is perplexed by all of the options for relaxation

After beautifying our fingers and toes and indulging in a quick lunch, it was time to make our way over to the hotel to check in. We arrived a couple of hours before the scheduled check-in time, so our rooms weren’t ready yet. Everyone except MOH Morticia (who stuck by my side the entire day, bless her!) and Auntie M had split up to do their own thing before the rehearsal dinner. What’s a bride-to-be to do with time to kill the day before her wedding? We went to the bar!

I should also mention that, at this point, I had not heard from Mr. Plane all day, despite multiple texts. Turns out his phone totally kicked the bucket that morning and he had no idea, so I didn’t talk to him until right before the rehearsal. Luckily I was getting updates from the other guys on the golf course, or I might’ve thought I had a runaway groom on my hands.

An hour and a few gin and tonics later, we made our way back to the hotel to get into our rooms. At this point we had about enough time to shower and change before we needed to leave in order to get to the rehearsal on time. When I walked back into the hotel, I was greeted in the lobby by more than a few of our family and friends — all waiting by the front desk. Turns out the hotel’s computer system had crashed and they were unable to check anyone in — including our wedding party, who had to get to the church in less than an hour for the rehearsal.

We waited until the last possible minute, but finally I made the executive decision that we would all have to change in the two rooms we did have (Auntie M’s and BM Chopper’s). Not ideal, but hey, we did what we could! Without time to shower and barely an extra minute to slip into my rehearsal outfit, our group pulled it together in record time and sped off to the church without a moment to spare.

I think I would have been totally justified to freak out a little bit here, but, as Morticia and M can attest, I held it together pretty well! Those gin and tonics definitely didn’t hurt, either.

Next up, we barely make it to the rehearsal on time.

All photos personal unless otherwise noted. 

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