Love is in the Air: Mama Airplane’s Surprise and a Flawless Rehearsal

Despite the confusion at the hotel, I was downright giddy when we arrived at the church. Mama Plane and FMIL Plane had done an amazing job decorating the church earlier that morning, and, as everyone began arriving to rehearse, it really hit me that our wedding day was finally (almost) here.


I finally found my groom!

photo 13

The flower girls were excited to get started.

But I was also incredibly excited to finally reveal to Mama Plane a surprise I had been planning for months. You might remember reading about my dilemma about what to do with my mom’s wedding dress to honor her marriage to my dad at my own wedding. Well, I actually knew all along what I wanted to do, my deliberations were mostly just to throw her off the scent! Using the same seamstress that altered my wedding dress, I turned my mom’s dress into a rehearsal outfit.

Her dress went from this…


…to this!


Obviously staying super calm before the rehearsal

I was waiting in the lobby when Mama Plane arrived, filled with anticipation (I love a good surprise!). When she walked in the door, I immediately burst into tears. Thinking I was just overwhelmed with emotion, she hugged me and told me how beautiful I looked. “But did you see what I’m wearing?” I squeaked. She finally looked at my dress and she started crying, too! I’m so glad we captured this moment on camera, because it is exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

photo 26



Once everyone was assembled and (mostly) dry-eyed, Pastor Mark led us through the procession backwards and forwards, did a quick version of the ceremony, and… that was about it! I’m not sure if a 30-minute rehearsal is the norm, but I was grateful for the efficiency after the chaos from earlier in the afternoon.

photo 33

photo 34

Not holding it together. At all.

photo 4

We’re getting married tomorrow!

I chatted a bit with the A/V guy about sound cues, but by then we were running late to the rehearsal dinner, so off we went to chow down.

recaps_the airplanes

Previously, on the Airplane Wedding…

A bit of chaos leading up to the rehearsal


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