Love is in the Air: We Nosh and Reminisce

While Mr. Plane was not keen on having our wedding reception at the country club where he works, he was very excited to host everyone for the rehearsal dinner.

The event started with a cocktail hour on the patio. We really lucked out with the weather for nearly the entire weekend, so I’m very glad we planned to spend at least part of the evening outside.

photo 54

After about an hour, we moved indoors for dinner.

photo 2

Long ago, I mentioned that we were torn between doing a tapas-style rehearsal dinner or a backyard barbeque theme. I’m happy to say that the tapas won, and we had an amazing spread of a bunch of different foods, including honey sriracha brussel sprouts, duck quesadillas, pork belly tacos, arugula salad shooters, fingerling twice baked potatoes, and grilled cheese on pretzel buns. The chef also made some to-die-for mini fruit pizzas, which is one of my favorite desserts of all time.

In true Mama Plane fashion, at one point during the dinner, a computer and projector was rolled out. I had a feeling something like this was coming (Mama Plane is the queen of photo slideshows!), and I looked for the nearest box of tissue.

photo 22

The slideshow showed photos of me growing up, and later in life with Mr. Plane, all set to tear-jerking music. It took me about three seconds for the waterworks to start up.


Some of the photos from the slideshow — little Mrs. Airplane! / personal photos

After the slideshow, Mr. Plane and I handed out gifts to the wedding party and our parents (more on that later), and then the party began to break up — truthfully, I think everyone wanted to get back to the hotel to finally check into their rooms! Some of the wedding party hung out for a bit and we finished the booze (hey, we’d already paid for it) while listening to music and watching the waitress do the Dougie (true story).

photo 32

So many of the lovely people that made our day possible.

When we finally got back to the hotel and were able to check into our rooms, we ran into quite a few people who had arrived while we were rehearsing. This turned into a few different hotel room parties (we had the majority of an entire floor blocked), and while I stopped by to say hello and welcome the out-of-towners, my main prerogative was taking shower, writing my last post as a Miss, and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Mr. Plane and I had both opted to sleep solo, in separate hotel rooms, the night before the wedding. At a little before midnight, I said goodnight to my groom and retired to my room alone. Well, alone aside from the butterflies in my stomach — I was getting married tomorrow!

All photos personal unless otherwise noted. 

recaps_the airplanes

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