Love is in the Air: Hair and Makeup and Caffeine, Oh My!

My hotel room was Beauty Headquarters for the duration of the morning. When the girls from Fringe arrived, they immediately set up shop and started working. I had told everyone to have hair and makeup inspiration pictures ready if they wanted something specific, and everyone had such great styles! All of the girls got makeup done as well, some full-faces and others just eyes.






They all looked gorgeous!

The door to the room was propped so it was free-entry, and I got some great surprise guests.

GM Dashboard stopped by with our coffee order from the night before, complete with a special drink just for me!


JBM G opted not to go swimming with her sisters in the hotel pool, she just wanted to hang out with us and play on her iPad.


I also had a few family members stop by, too, which was a welcome distraction!


We received the flower delivery halfway through the morning, and I was ecstatic — the bouquets had turned out absolutely perfect! And Mr. Plane’s Bird of Paradise bout wasn’t that bad, either.


 All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. recaps_the airplanes

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