Love is in the Air: The Details

I absolutely love detail posts, so I’m excited to be able to share mine with you today! It was amazing to see all of these things that we planned come together.


To complete my look, I wore a headpiece that I originally bought from an Etsy seller and remade to match my dress (they were different shades of white). Thanks to everyone who commented about it on previous posts, it really turned out wonderfully!


My jewelry was gifted to me by Mr. Plane the night before the wedding. The dangly parts of my earrings are removable, and I wear the studs all the time on their own. The bottle of perfume was also a gift, and something I also wear quite often.



After a little drama, I chose to wear the cork Kate Spade slingbacks. They were a huge hit, and much more comfortable than the pink pumps.



As for my somethings…

My “old” and “blue” were one in the same — a piece of an old shirt of Papa Plane’s sewn into the hem of my dress.


My “borrowed” were the bee charms that were sent to me by the lovely Mrs. Rucksack (Honeymoon Gen represent!) and rode in my bouquet.



As for the “new,” you can take your pick, but I’m going with my dress so I can show off some more glamour shots of her.




Not to be outdid, Mr. Plane had some fun accessories of his own.


He also got in on the baseball cufflink action…


And the stitching matched his white leather Allen Edmond shoes.


His wallet, which was a gift from me long before the wedding, completed the set.


Sneak peek of his vows!

And finally, his orange Tie Bar tie matched his Bird of Paradise boutonniere. The groomsmen wore similar ties in yellow.


For those of you paying attention — yes, Mr. Plane did keep his beard for the wedding!

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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