Love is in the Air: Pre-Ceremony Shenanigans

Due to the timeline and the distance between the hotel and the church, the guys arrived at the ceremony location about 45 minutes before the girls did.

So while we were doing this…


…they were doing this.




Altoid catching contest.




I’m also told there was a dunk contest in the church gym during our first look. Boys…

Even though they are silly, these are some of my favorite shots of the guys from the wedding day. Eventually they calmed down enough to get some good group shots.




Despite the apparent delay from the boys’ point of view, we were running right on schedule (my timeline was flawless!), and the ceremony coordinator hustled the guys inside right before the girls’ bus pulled up. We waited a few minutes to make sure the coast was clear, and then made our way inside as well. It was officially time for our first look!

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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