Love is in the Air: Table Visits and Entrance Action Shots

As we were arriving at the reception venue, we were happy to see that our guests got a chance to get their nosh on and enjoy the bright September sunshine.



We planned to do table visits after dinner, but since we arrived just ten minutes into cocktail hour, we decided to visit as many as we could. We got through almost everyone before dinner was served, and everyone else after the meal. It really worked out perfectly.




As cocktail hour was nearing its end, we gathered the wedding party in the hallway outside of the ballroom. We chose an upbeat dance version of a popular alt rock song for this portion of the entrance: Bastille’s “Pompeii.” Click to listen along!

The kiddos made their entrance first…



And the bridesmaids and groomsmen followed. GM Loafers and BM Spring danced their way in…


Followed by GM Dashboard and BM Rocket, which some classic moves.





Seconds before they stepped out of the hall, the conversation between BM Chopper and MOH Morticia went something like this: “Let’s fly in like airplanes!” “Uh, are you sure?” Can you guess who was the unsure one?


Finally it was our turn! We picked to enter to the chorus from Paramore’s “Still Into You” — listen here!



As soon as we entered, everyone started shaking their tic-tacs, so we gave the people what they wanted — a few times!



Next up, a few toasts before dinner.

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

recaps_the airplanes

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