Love is in the Air: Airplane Eats

Overall, I was very happy with our food options on our wedding day. If you remember from a previous post, we decided to go with a chicken and filet duet plate with roasted potatoes and green beans — pretty standard wedding food. For the vegetarian option, I chose a white vegetable lasagna, which both MOH Morticia and I devoured. I feel so bad for the ladies that don’t get to eat on their wedding day, so I was adamant about getting our table visits done prior to service so we could enjoy the food we chose.

I didn’t manage to snag any photos of our food, but we had a nice plated service accompanied with a salad and bread. What I do have for you, however, is photos of our dessert table!


Our mini dessert bar played double-duty and also acted as our favors for the evening. This ended up working very well and, although we had quite a few boxes left over, there were no desserts left at all — glad our DOC Marie made us up a box to take back to the hotel!




Because we went with a dessert bar, we didn’t have a traditional wedding cake, but our wonderful baker, Tracey at Back Home Bakery, threw in a top-tier anniversary cake that we had on display during the wedding. It is now carefully wrapped and chilling in our freezer until our anniversary.



A cake topper was not something I prioritized and thus didn’t have anything to go on top of our cake until the day before the wedding. Enter MOH Morticia! She handed me a little box during our impromptu shopping journey on Friday morning, and inside I found this amazing little airplane! It is technically a pencil sharpener, but I’m pretty sure my first words when I saw it were, “Can I put this on top of our cake?!” And so it was.




Later in the evening, after the photographers had left, the staff wheeled out our late-night snack: cider and donuts, a quintessential Midwest treat for a perfect fall day! Again, I failed to snap any photos, but I know a few donuts made it into the guests’ to-go boxes as well!

Now that we were properly nourished, it was time to get our dance on. Stay tuned!

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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