The Airplanes: One Year and Still Flying High!

Hello, hive!

Man, I’ve missed you guys! Time has been absolutely…wait for it…flying!

In case you’re new (welcome!) — hi, I’m Mrs. Airplane, I got married last year, and Mr. Plane and I just celebrated our one-year anniversary.

fox-hills-golf-course-trinity-presbyterian-church-wedding-plymouth-michigan-studiosnap-photograpny-weddingbee-airplane-534Photo courtesy of studiOsnap

So what’s new with the Airplanes?

I mentioned in my farewell post that we’d both accepted new jobs since the wedding, both of which are going great. I’m starting to travel more with my job, and have trips to Europe and Singapore planned in the next few months. Mr. Plane’s new job necessitated a bit of a relocation, and I’m excited to share some other big news…


We’re building a house! We got word shortly after I finished my recaps that we’d been approved to start construction on our new home. The process has been slow so far, but we’re confident we’ll be in by the spring, as promised by the builder. The basement was poured last week, and we’re finally beginning to see some progress.


Our actual anniversary was a few weeks ago, and we were lucky enough to be able to travel back to Aruba, where we took our honeymoon last year.


It was a fantastic vacation. Mr. Plane sure does know how to spoil me.


For the traditional first anniversary gift of paper, we had very similar ideas — cookbooks! Mr. Plane and I both love to cook, and taking the time to plan and cook a meal together was one of the things we missed the most when wedding planning got the busiest. Now that things have settled down a bit, we have been cooking more at home, and we can’t wait to cook together in our new kitchen.


Mr. Plane also got me tickets to see Wicked in December, which I am so, so excited for — I’m actually listening to the soundtrack as I write this post!

When we got back from Aruba, we finally got to taste our wedding cake. It was actually better than I expected, for year-old cake!


I know I’ve said it already, but I really miss the Wedding Bee gang! I hope to be back soon to participate in the After the Wedding series. In the meantime, I’m still blogging on a regular basis about cooking, travel, and the homebuilding process over on our family blog, Stieve Says… Feel free to stop by and say hi!

Until next time…

All the best,
Mrs. Airplane

Mrs. Airplane, Over and Out

Dearest Hive,

It has been 781 days since I got engaged, 455 days since I was accepted as a Weddingbee blogger, and 235 days since my wedding. And it is on this day that I must say so long and close this chapter of my life.


This past year has been a whirlwind and I could not have imagined it without Weddingbee. Not only was I able to share my journey and bounce ideas off of the Hive, I also became part of a wonderful community of amazing people (special shoutout to my Honeymoon Gen bees!). Planning my wedding without the ‘Bee just would not have been as fun, and for that I thank each and every one of you. Thank you for the encouragement, the comments, and all of the love and support.


So what’s next for the Airplanes? Since the wedding, we’ve both accepted new job opportunities, which necessitated us selling our condo and moving upstate a bit. For the moment we are living with family, but we hope to put down some more permanent roots in the near future. We have lots of plans to travel over the next few months, including a trip back to Aruba for our anniversary in September.


While my time as a Weddingbee blogger may be coming to an end, you can always catch up with us on our family blog, Stieve Says… — we’d love to have you stop by sometime!

Hive, it has truly been an honor to share the last 455 days with you. Thank you for flying with us.

With love,

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted

Love is in the Air: Airplane Budget Breakdown

Now that you’ve seen the wedding, I’m back to tell you about how we spent our money. During our planning process, I always found budget posts helpful, especially when we were first developing ours, so I wanted to make sure to share this with the Hive before signing off for good!

Our original budget was $30,000, and we ended up spending just a tiny bit over that (not including our honeymoon), so we did a very good job of sticking to it! Here’s the breakdown.


Wedding dress, a Maggie Sottero “Hunter”: $850
Alterations: $280
Hairpiece, originally from Etsy with a few tweaks: $50
Groom’s suit and accessories: $185
Rehearsal dinner dress alterations: $100

Subtotal for apparel: $1,465



Bouquets for the bride (1) and bridal party (3); mini bouquets for the kids (7); boutonniere for the guys (4), dads (2), and ring bearer;  and mother bouquets (2): $600

Subtotal for flowers: $600


Photography & Videography

Photography, included engagement photos, all-day coverage with two shooters, rights to the photos and a printed guest book: $2,400

Videography, included all-day coverage with two shooters, a highlight video, and all raw footage: $1,250

Subtotal for photography & videography: $3,650


Paper Products

DIY save the dates: $120
DIY invitations: $320
Postage: $125
Thank you notes: $25
DIY menus, programs, guest book cards, and rehearsal dinner invites: free (thanks, Mama Plane!)

Subtotal for paper products: $590


Wedding Bands

Hers: $1231
His: $1219

Subtotal for wedding bands: $2,450



Inclusive ceremony, including ceremony coordinator and clean-up: $755

Subtotal for ceremony: $755


Rehearsal Dinner

Dinner and open beer/wine bar: $2,000

Subtotal for rehearsal dinner: $2,000

photo 54

Personal photo

Linen Rentals

Napkins and tablecloths: $275
Chair covers: $495

Subtotal for linen rentals: $770



Party bus rental for transportation of wedding party from hotel to ceremony location, and from ceremony to reception: $750

Subtotal for transportation: $750


 Personal photo


Inclusive reception including room rental, open call bar, and dinner for 160 guests: $13,675
DJ: $1,750
Dessert table: $833
Late-night snack: $125
DIY table decorations: $250

Subtotal for reception: $16,633



Gifts for wedding party and parents: $415
Manicure/pedicure, hair and makeup: free (thanks, Mama Plane!)
Day-of coordinator: $300
Hotel rooms for bride and groom: $240
Pet care for the dog: $82
Marriage licence: $20

Subtotal for miscellaneous: $1,057

Grand Total: $30,720

Overall, I am very pleased with how everything turned out. I won’t be doing an official vendor review post, but I can tell you that most of my vendors did a fantastic job — special shout-out to studiOsnap, 3rd Hat Productions, Back Home Bakery, Tom Thompson Flowers, Fringe Salon, I Do, Too! Bridal, and C.W. Petersen for really going above and beyond the call of a wedding vendor. We are both so thankful that you were a part of our wedding day — thank you for making it a smashing success.

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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Love is in the Air: The Video Highlights

I started my recaps with a video, so I thought it was only proper to end with one. I can’t say enough good things about our videographers at 3rd Hat Productions — for thinking that I didn’t need videography at the beginning of all of this, it was definitely one of the best decisions I made throughout this whole process.

Without further ado, I present to you… our wedding day.

3RD HAT Productions on Vimeo.


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Love is in the Air: We Dance, Everybody Now!

I personally love wedding dance floor photos. Talk about capturing people with their guard down! The first time I saw some of these photos, I laughed out loud — who knew our friends would seriously break it down?!



There was, unavoidably, a train…






And some serious salsa…


Some wanted to avoid the camera…


Others relished it!



There was some serious flowergirl sprinkler action.



Et tu, BM Rocket?


I can only guess what’s happening here…




Near the end of the night, our photographers took us outside to get the last shot of the evening. From the lawn, looking into the venue and seeing all of our friends and family having a great time, I finally breathed a sigh of relief: our wedding was a success!

fox-hills-golf-course-trinity-presbyterian-church-wedding-plymouth-michigan-studiosnap-photograpny-weddingbee-airplane-852-2 (1)

And so concludes the Airplane wedding! But you’re not quite rid of me yet — I still have a couple more things to share before I sign off for good. Stay tuned!

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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Love is in the Air: We Dance, With Parents

After our first dance, we opened the dance floor to all of our guests, but for the sake of posting, we’re going to jump right into our parent dances.

For me, the song “Cara Mia” by Jay and the Americans will forever remind me of my father, and it is the song I chose for our daddy-daughter dance.



It starts off slow, but gets faster after the first verse. My dad and I waltzed around the floor like pros — it’s a good thing he loves to dance!


After we were finished, Mr. Plane and his mom took to the dance floor. She picked a very touching song called “All for You“.





Mama Plane also wanted in on the action and dedicated a very appropriate song to me for our mother-daughter dance: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! We invited all of the ladies on to the dance floor for this one.







Next up: the best of the best wedding dance floor action shots!

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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Love is in the Air: We Dance, Together

Once people had gotten their share of sweets and the head table was removed from the dance floor, it was time to kick the party off with our first slow dance. Like much of our ceremony music, I had this song picked out for a long time. Click to listen along with Dave Matthews Band’s “You and Me.”


Fun fact: the lyrics of this song (“we can do anything”) are tattooed on my ribcage.

About a week before the wedding, we decided to sneak in a quick dance lesson. It allowed us to do some sweet moves like a twirl…


And a dip…


But mostly we just swayed around the dance floor through the first and second verses.


On the second chorus, we motioned to our bridal party who were waiting on the edges of the dance floor, to come join us. It looked a little like this…


And I was super excited that everyone came to join us!


Then, during the bridge, the DJ announced that we’d like all of our guests to join us on the dance floor.


With my new husband in my arms and our friends and family surrounding us, it was a perfect moment.


All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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Love is in the Air: Airplane Eats

Overall, I was very happy with our food options on our wedding day. If you remember from a previous post, we decided to go with a chicken and filet duet plate with roasted potatoes and green beans — pretty standard wedding food. For the vegetarian option, I chose a white vegetable lasagna, which both MOH Morticia and I devoured. I feel so bad for the ladies that don’t get to eat on their wedding day, so I was adamant about getting our table visits done prior to service so we could enjoy the food we chose.

I didn’t manage to snag any photos of our food, but we had a nice plated service accompanied with a salad and bread. What I do have for you, however, is photos of our dessert table!


Our mini dessert bar played double-duty and also acted as our favors for the evening. This ended up working very well and, although we had quite a few boxes left over, there were no desserts left at all — glad our DOC Marie made us up a box to take back to the hotel!




Because we went with a dessert bar, we didn’t have a traditional wedding cake, but our wonderful baker, Tracey at Back Home Bakery, threw in a top-tier anniversary cake that we had on display during the wedding. It is now carefully wrapped and chilling in our freezer until our anniversary.



A cake topper was not something I prioritized and thus didn’t have anything to go on top of our cake until the day before the wedding. Enter MOH Morticia! She handed me a little box during our impromptu shopping journey on Friday morning, and inside I found this amazing little airplane! It is technically a pencil sharpener, but I’m pretty sure my first words when I saw it were, “Can I put this on top of our cake?!” And so it was.




Later in the evening, after the photographers had left, the staff wheeled out our late-night snack: cider and donuts, a quintessential Midwest treat for a perfect fall day! Again, I failed to snap any photos, but I know a few donuts made it into the guests’ to-go boxes as well!

Now that we were properly nourished, it was time to get our dance on. Stay tuned!

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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Love is in the Air: Getting Toasty

This post is going to be a little long and wordy, but I definitely did not want to skip the amazing things people said about us on our wedding day. It meant a lot to me that Mama Plane, MOH Morticia, and BM Chopper took the time to each write amazing speeches in our honor, and I’m happy to be sharing them with you today. So without further ado, Mama Plane, take it away!

“Ladies and gentlemen, as the mother of the bride, it is my privilege to give the first speechI would like to start by saying, on behalf of Ken, myself and Troy’s parents, welcome to all the relatives and friends who have joined us to celebrate Maria and Troy’s wedding. I know that many of you have traveled long distances to be here. Thank you all for coming to help celebrate this very special day.

Today, I must be the proudest mom on earth.  Maria, you have grown to be a  beautiful and outstanding young woman and, I must say, a stunning bride today.

Troy, I would like to welcome you into the family, even though you have been a part of it for some time now.  This just makes it official.

The first time we met Troy, we immediately liked him, but we really got to know him when he spent the summer at our home in Walloon Lake while he did his internship at Bay Harbor resort.  During that summer, we saw how hard Troy worked and we knew he would be very successful in his career.  Thank goodness, because he has to be, to keep up with Maria’s tastes!  [Laughter] Seriously, we see the love between Maria and Troy in the way they look at each other, the way they treat each other, even in the way they talk about each other and it’s all of these things that make us realize they are such a perfect match.

Maria, Troy, may you have a life full of love,  prosperity and happily ever after. May you live each day like your last, and live each night like your first. To the happy couple!”



MOH Morticia was next to take the mic.

“I met Maria in the fall of 1997, when we were 6th graders at Highland Middle School–Maria was the only student with whom I shared all 4 of the core classes–we became fast friends and we have remained best friends for all of the 16 years since.

And in those years we have shared many adventures–from middle school to college, travel, graduations, moves, careers, pets and homes.

One of my favorite anecdotes begins in the months leading up to our first fall at U of M. During Senior year of high school, while most childhood best friends were preparing to part ways, I was happy to learn that Maria and I would both attend the University of Michigan. As fall approached, our housing and roommate assignments were to arrive by mail. I had been out of town the week the letters arrived, and, when I returned, I had received both the long-awaited envelope and a phone message from Maria. I had my priorities, of course, so, I returned Maria’s call right away. She firstly asked about my trip, then quickly inquired whether or not I had reviewed my letter. Not yet, I told her. She wouldn’t answer my questions about her dorm location or details about her roommate–she answered only, ‘North Campus’–I heard anxiety in her voice. She dismissed my additional questions and asked that I call her back when I reviewed my assignment. When I read my letter, I immediately understood the concern I had heard in Maria’s voice—the two of us had been randomly matched as roommates.


It seemed like a lucky glitch that Maria and I would request to room blind, and, against all odds, still end up together.

I called Maria back, and confessed–although I felt very blessed by this unexpected outcome, I had really been looking forward to rooming blind and I  believed that living with a stranger was an integral college rite-of-passage. Maria admitted she felt exactly the same way, and we were both happily relieved to be in agreement. At the end of our heart-to-heart, there was no heartbreak–we decided not to live together, but remained close throughout the 4 years in Ann Arbor.

A few years after graduation, Maria and I were discussing our future lives and our hopes for the years ahead. And for Maria, although she imagined advancing in her career path; furthering her education; possibly relocating, across the state or across the nation;–the one constant she knew was that she wanted Troy by her side. She told me, ‘I can’t imagine my life without him–he’s my best friend.’


And, of course, there was a very brief moment of initial shock–when your best friend reveals the existence of her OTHER best friend [laughter], but my shock disappeared quickly and became happiness. I was happy for Maria and Troy and comforted to know that they shared not only love, but friendship.

If Maria and I had decided to be roommates in college, I likely would have convinced her to accept the very first invitation from the cute guy from Freeland. In which case, their love story might have read a little bit differently, but it would not have altered their happily ever after.

Sharing your home, building your life, creating your family, and dreaming of your future–these are the blessings meant for best friends who can live together and who cannot live without each other.

I offer a toast to Maria and Troy, may they forever remain best friends in love.”


Now I’m not going to make any accusations, but a little birdy told me that BM Chopper adlibbed his entire speech. Regardless, it was both humorous and heartfelt.

“Before I get started with all of this, I just wanted to mention how beautiful Maria looks today. So before I even get started, help me toast to how gorgeous Maria looks on her wedding day. [Applause]


[An instrumental version of “Don’t Stop Believing” begins to play] I know this song is on your do not play list, but don’t worry, I’m not going to sing. But it’s a great background for what I’m going to talk about today.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jeff, I’ve been friends with Troy for quite a while now. We met back in middle school, and just like everyone else, I loved his blonde hair and blue eyes [laughter]. So yeah, we were friends through middle school, high school, played baseball together, even worked together. All that time we became really close friends, and even after we graduated remained close friends. I moved to California, but we stayed pretty

When Troy first met Maria, I know every couple does have their love story, we all saw that earlier on. But I remember it just a little bit differently. When I first heard about Maria, it was the day before New Year’s Eve, and a bunch of us had decided, hey, we’re a bunch of 19, 20 year old guys, we’re gonna go ahead and go to Canada for New Year’s Eve. We all thought it would be a ton of fun, and Troy was like, I’m gonna bring my new girl, Maria, she’s really cool, she’s gonna get along with all of you guys, and she’ll be able to handle your nonsense for the weekend. Well anyways, as you can imagine, a bunch of 19, 20 year old guys in Canada for New Year’s Eve, we had a great time, and of course Maria was right there with us, and I would commend her on the spot because it takes quite a woman to deal with a bunch of guys she barely knows in Canada for New Year’s weekend.

So, right then and there, I knew, you know what, Troy and Maria, this is definitely going to last. Even though it took about… six years? [Crowd: eight!] Eight years — well, at that point, who’s counting? [laughter]


Anyways, even though it took quite some time for this day to happen, I think from the beginning we all kind of knew it was going to happen sooner or later. We knew right away that Troy looked at Maria differently than anyone else and it was amazing, and we all knew that Maria made Troy a much better person. [Laughter]

Here’s to you guys, happy to be a part of your day. I love you guys.”




All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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Love is in the Air: Table Visits and Entrance Action Shots

As we were arriving at the reception venue, we were happy to see that our guests got a chance to get their nosh on and enjoy the bright September sunshine.



We planned to do table visits after dinner, but since we arrived just ten minutes into cocktail hour, we decided to visit as many as we could. We got through almost everyone before dinner was served, and everyone else after the meal. It really worked out perfectly.




As cocktail hour was nearing its end, we gathered the wedding party in the hallway outside of the ballroom. We chose an upbeat dance version of a popular alt rock song for this portion of the entrance: Bastille’s “Pompeii.” Click to listen along!

The kiddos made their entrance first…



And the bridesmaids and groomsmen followed. GM Loafers and BM Spring danced their way in…


Followed by GM Dashboard and BM Rocket, which some classic moves.





Seconds before they stepped out of the hall, the conversation between BM Chopper and MOH Morticia went something like this: “Let’s fly in like airplanes!” “Uh, are you sure?” Can you guess who was the unsure one?


Finally it was our turn! We picked to enter to the chorus from Paramore’s “Still Into You” — listen here!



As soon as we entered, everyone started shaking their tic-tacs, so we gave the people what they wanted — a few times!



Next up, a few toasts before dinner.

All photos courtesy of studiOsnap unless otherwise noted. 

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