Engagement Story


The story of this engagement is a long time coming. Troy had been hinting, joking, and teasing about possible dates and locations since December, but she definitely did not see this one coming.

Troy convinced Maria that they were going up to Midland for a Club Manager’s Association conference and dinner. Like past events, there would be a two hour conference and then a dinner that Maria could attend later on. Not thinking anything of it, Maria got dressed up and they drove to Midland. Maria dropped Troy off at the Midland Country Club, failing to notice the lack of cars in the parking lot (or that his mom was parked in the back!).

While Maria clulessly wasted 2 hours at the Midland Mall shopping and (unknowingly!) getting her nails done, Troy spent the time with his mom, Theresa, going over the final details. At 6:00, Maria returned to pick up Troy, who told her that there was a change of plans – the dinner was to be held at a nearby hotel. Maria, again, thought nothing of it, and the two drove downtown.

The downtown Midland area is a significant spot because it is where Troy and Maria had their second date, consisting of a pizza dinner and a walk along the Tridge (a 3-way bridge over the convergence of the Chippewa and Tittabawassee Rivers). When they arrived at the hotel, a short walk from the river, Troy mentioned that dinner wasn’t for another 30 minutes, and Maria suggested they walk to the Tridge “for old time’s sake.” This, of course, fell right into alignment with Troy’s plan.

The couple walked over the Tridge and, when they got to the center, Troy lead Maria to the railing and told her that he had a confession to make. “We didn’t come up here for a conference.” “We didn’t?” she responded, unable to keep the excitement out of her voice. “Nope, we came up here for something else.” At this point Maria was literally jumping up and down. “What did we come up here for?!” At that moment Troy pulled a gorgeous ring from his pocket and got down on one knee. Maria predictably started crying and ended up on her knees as well, so anxious to hug Troy and see that beautiful ring. Somewhere in here Troy asked the question and Maria said yes. There was kissing, hugging, and more crying (Troy really should have had the foresight to hide her mascara that morning).

Once she had composed herself (momentarily) the newly engaged couple walked off of the Tridge, only to be greeted by their parents, who had been hiding and had witnessed some of the proposal. Maria lost it again as she hugged everyone, and they toasted to the day and the happy couple. Afterwards, over dinner at Café Zinc in the H Hotel, Maria got all the details of the secret planning, all the while not being able to stop staring at her new piece of jewelry.

Troy and Maria drove back to Canton later that evening to celebrate with their friends at their condo. There, Troy jokingly referred to Maria’s favorite fictional proposal (Will proposing to Emma on Glee after walking on water and surrounded by synchronized swimmers) by saying, “I might not be able to walk on water, but I did walk over it.”

(No video exists of Troy and Maria’s proposal….but it was better.)

Troy and Maria are now enjoying the excitement of sharing the news, and are eager to plan their wedding and spend the rest of their lives together.

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